FishHut RiverOur goal as a Town is to provide all community members with the opportunity to grown physically and mentally through living a healthier more active life. The steps we are taking to achieve this goal is by offering programs that interest all members of all ages within the community. The Town is working hard to maintain all facilities that are used for recreational activities and we as a Town are constantly looking to grow our trails to offer more opportunity for community members to get active in the outdoors.


Most of our indoor recreational activities are held in our Community Centre. Other locations that we hold activities are as follows: Dennis Park, John Crawford Trail, Stewiacke River Trail, or in the ball parks. For more information on the trails or playgrounds check out those pages.

Ball Fields

We have two fields in the ball park and one of them has access to lights for late game times. There is a canteen located down with the fields and there is also a soccer field in that area as well. If ever interested in renting the ball fields for a tournament or a special event stop into the town office and we can set it up for you.