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Town Hall - 295 George Street, Stewiacke NS, B0N 2J0 | (902) 639-2231

To the residents Stewiacke.

I am sending a reminder that open fires & bonfire are not permitted. NO burning. Do not discard any cigarettes. Please keep off all trails until further notice.

Smoke from the wildfires is spreading into our area. If you have respiratory issues please locate appropriate housing where you would be less affected.

If you have an air conditioning unit or air exchanger or other types of air circulation units that draws outside air, shut it off until smoke passes.

If smokes gets into your house, close your windows, turn off your air exchanger. Leave your heat pump running on recycle as this will recycle the air from inside your home.

Please call 911 if you are experiencing any respiratory distress.

The emergency contact number for DNR is 1-800-565-2224.

The Town of Stewiacke will enact a contingency plan if an evacuation was required.

Thank you to our firefighters, first responders and volunteers.

Please know you are not alone during this time. I would ask that you reach out to those in need.

Let us do our part to keep our area safe.

George Lloy

Mayor Town of Stewiacke

George Lloy, Mayor

Town of Stewiacke

Telephone: 902-805-9393

Facsimile: 902-639-2221

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