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The County of Colchester, the Town of Truro, the Town of Stewiacke, the Village of Bible Hill, and the Village of Tatamagouche have created a Regional Accessibility Committee to ensure our communities align with the goals of the Province’s Accessibility Act and to oversee the development and adoption of an Accessibility Plan for our region. The Regional Accessibility Plan was completed in 2022 and the Committee is now working to implement the recommendations of the plan. This plan is intended to make our region more equitable and accessible by preventing and removing barriers that restrict people with disabilities from fully participating in society ensure. The role of the Accessibility Advisory Committee is to advise participating municipal units on identifying, preventing, and eliminating accessibility barriers to municipal programs, services, and infrastructure. The Committee will meet at least twice a year and Committee members are appointed for a term of up to four years.

Under the Accessibility Act, at least half of the committee members must have a disability or represent an organization that represents people with disabilities. 

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To apply, please complete the ‘Citizen Volunteer Application for Boards, Committees, Societies’ form, or, for more information, please contact:

Jill Rafuse

Receptionist/Administrative Support

Town of Stewiacke