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Town Hall - 295 George Street, Stewiacke NS, B0N 2J0 | (902) 639-2231

Stewiacke, Nova Scotia) On Thursday, March 24, 2022, Stewiacke Town Council approved its 2022-2023 General Operating Budget Expenditures totalling $2,297,474 and 2022-2023 General Capital Budget Expenditures totalling $6,503,961.

Town Council approved the budget with a decrease in the residential tax rate and commercial tax rate. Mayor George Lloy stated “The Town of Stewiacke continues to be a strong financial steward, demonstrated by our ability to invest in municipal operations and infrastructure, while at the same time being able to reduce taxes, both residential and commercial. Our town is experiencing unprecedented growth. This is a profound and positive time for the Town of Stewiacke.”

  • Highlights of the budget include:
  • The residential rate is reduced from $1.665 per $100 of assessment to $1.615 per $100 of assessment.
  • The commercial rate is reduced from $3.46 per $100 of assessment to $3.45 per $100 of assessment.

Some of the major expenses in the annual budget include mandatory contributions to education, protective services and regional housing. Like all municipalities, the Town of Stewiacke is aware of potential challenges associated with COVID-19 and has adjusted its financials accordingly. We continue to work on several other initiatives with community and regional partners which will be announced as we prepare to launch them. We are thrilled to have our new solar garden become functional and this is another great example of moving forward.

Town of Stewiacke 2022-2023 Budget

  • Transportation and Public Works: 17%
  • Administrative: 17%
  • Recreational Cultural: 11%
  • Regional School Board: 11%
  • Environmental Health: 8%
  • Fiscal Services: 8%
  • Environmental Development Services: 7%
  • Fire Protection: 7%
  • Police Protection: 7%
  • Legislative: 3%
  • Regional Housing: 2%
  • Correction Services: 1%
  • Protective Other: 1%

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