Municipal Election 2020 - UNOFFICIAL Results - Town of Stewiacke


   George LLOY - 378

   Wendy ROBINSON - 234


   Audrey ARMSWORTHY - 231

   Roseanne CHAPMAN - 457

   Mary COMMO - 383

   Susan CREELMAN - 444

   David LEBLANC - 254

   Suzanne LUTZ - 394

   Theresa RAFUSE - 216

   Chad RAMSEY - 347

   Rebecca ROGERS-LAING - 413

Stewiacke's Town Events

Stewiakce's Town Events

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Our goal as a Town is to provide all community members with the opportunity to grow physically and mentally through living a healthier more active life.

Historic Stewiacke

historic stewiacke

In the early 1900’s the chief of the Micmac’s at Millbrook said the native name for this place was pronounced “Ah-seed-ee-a-waac” which means “place where the sands move” which then slurred to “Stew-aack” then pronounced as we pronounce it today.



Stewiacke has 2 trails within the community. One is the John Crawford Trail, the other The Stewiacke River Trail. Each trail has grown and is continuing to expand as the years go on only to open up more opportunity for the community.